January 22-24, 2017

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

The first International Workshop on Complex Photonics is aimed at bringing together international leading experts in studies of light transport in disordered media, covering subfields such as Anderson localization of light, random lasers, quantum and nonlinear optics of disordered systems and so on. We envisage active interactions of these experts with early career researchers in India, including senior graduate students, postdocs and young faculty. Accordingly, each talk is expected to maintain a common flow, a generous pedagogical introduction followed by technical narrative of latest research results.

The photonics community in India is growing rapidly. The meeting is expected to introduce the young participants to the exciting facets of complex photonics, and encourage them to identify potential common grounds in their own research. We hope that this meeting seeds the formation of a broader Mesoscopic Optics community in India.


List of Confirmed International Speakers. (More confirmations expected...)
Prof.Hui Cao

Prof. Hui Cao
Yale University, Connecticut
Prof.Allard Mosk

Prof. Allard Mosk
Utrecht University, NetherLands

Prof.Claudio Conti

Prof. Claudio Conti
University of Rome, Rome

Prof.Remi Carminati

Prof. Remi Carminati
Institut Langevin, ESPCI Paris

Prof.Cornelia Denz

Prof. Cornelia Denz
University of Muenster, Germany

Prof.Pepijin Pinkse

Prof. Pepijn Pinkse
University of Twente, Netherlands

Prof.Anderson Gomes

Prof. Anderson Gomes
UFPE,Recife, Brazil

Prof.Ajay Nahata

Prof. Ajay Nahata
University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Prof.Riccardo Sapienza

Dr. Riccardo Sapienza
Imperial college, London


The Conference Schedule will be publised in due course.


First Day


Second Day


Final Day


Thanks for an overwhelming response. Registrations are now closed. We will contact the selected applicants over email.

The workshop has financial support for about 30-35 applicants, who will be supported without any registration fees. Nominal registration fees may have to be charged in case of oversubscription. Travel support will not be generally possible, except in rare exceptional cases.

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